Alumni and Employment

فيصل حمد المطيري

Alumni name:
Graduation year:
Graduates Opinion Survey at least 6 Months after Graduation regarding the Quality of the Program.

Based on the requirements of the Saudi National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment (NCAAA).

General Instructions:
1. This survey is aimed at gaining insight into graduates of the College of Engineering after 6 months of graduation regarding the quality of learning and teaching and level of preparation of programs in which they studied.
2. It is of prime importance that graduates express their opinions accurately, honestly, and subjectively in order for this to be beneficial in the development of the educational process within the College of Engineering.

Preliminary Information
What is your grade point average (GPA)?: 
How many years did you spend during your studies at the college?: 
Employment Information
In which sector are you currently working?: 
To what extent is your current job related to your specialization?: 
Close to my field of specialization
Has your scientific specialization helped you in the completion of your job tasks?: 
It has only somewhat helped me
How do you evaluate the role that the university’s academic environment has had in preparing you for your current job?: 
To what extent are you satisfied with your current job?: 
Not satisfied
Do you consider your job to be below the level to which you aspire?: 
If you answered yes (i.e. that your job is below your expectation), from what aspect is this true?: 
Work duties
How much time did it take you to find a job?: 
More than 6 months
Acquired skills
Writing research reports: 
To a medium extent
Presentation and expression of ideas: 
To a weak extent
Utilization of technology: 
To a very high extent
To a medium extent
To a very high extent
To a weak extent
Learning environment
Professor’s commitment to office hours: 
To an acceptable extent
The professor is always willing to assist students: 
To a medium extent
Use of technology in explaining scientific material: 
To a weak extent
The quality of teaching methods used by the professor: 
To a weak extent
Professor’s continuous evaluation of students: 
To a weak extent
The quality of education at the college, in general: 
To an acceptable extent
University environment
The quality of academic advising: 
To a weak extent
Classroom equipment: 
To a very high extent
Laboratory equipment: 
To a high extent
Quality of registration procedures: 
To a weak extent
Availability of public services : 
To a high extent
Quality of graduation procedures: 
To a very high extent
Behavior and values
Interaction of students with professors: 
To a weak extent
Advocating the use of technology in achieving course requirements: 
To a weak extent
Advocating the sense the responsibility among students: 
To a very high extent