Alumni and Employment

The Role of the College in the Preparation of its Graduates for the Job Market: 20 October, 2014

On the occasion of Career Week for the university graduates, organized during the period 25-29/12/1435, the College dean Prof. Khalid Alhumaizi presented a lecture on “The Role of the College in Preparing its Graduates for the Job Market.” The lecture outlined the diverse programs and activities undertaken by the College in support for its graduates.
Among these activities is the continuous development of academic programs to meet the international and national academic accreditation requirements, and to include skills and knowledge required by the job market.
Another important activity concerns the practical training of students. The College deals now with about 300 organizations that train the students. The College also initiated the outside training program through which 51 students have been trained outside the kingdom during the summer of 1434-1435, in French, Germany, Canada and USA. Also, the College through its alumni and employment unit provides a link with its graduates and helps their employment.
The College Industrial Advisory Council and the departmental Advisory councils play an important role in the continuous improvement of programs and serve as links with professional societies and other public units.
The College is also offering a diploma in professional safety as well as programs of sustainable energy and MSc. in desalination.
There is also a competition between graduation projects at the levels of the College, national and Gulf region.
The college has also been introducing changes to its courses and improving its teaching. In the last year, four general engineering courses (computer programming, statics, engineering management and engineering design) were subjected to changes in the way they are taught.
A new course (Railways Engineering) was added to the civil engineering program in response to job market requirement. The college also distributes and analyzes yearly questionnaires addressed to employers and graduates.