Alumni and Employment

Honoring Outstanding Graduation Projects for the First Semester 1437/1438: 24 Jan, 2017

In coordination with the College Alumni and Employment Unit, and the College Quality Unit, the College of Engineering’s Vice Deanship of Development and Quality organized and hosted on Tuesday 26 Rabii Al-Thany, 1438 (Jan 24th, 2017) an exhibition and party to honor distinguished graduation projects for the first semester of the 1437/1438H academic year (Fall-2016).

During the event, certificates and prizes were presented to 10 students representing two multidisciplinary projects, one involving both the Industrial and Civil Engineering Departments, and the other involving the Industrial and Mechanical Engineering Departments. In addition, 26 students from various college departments were honored for their senior design projects. The supervising professors of these projects were also honored. The party ended with some memorial group photos.