Alumni and Employment

Alumni and Employment Unit - College of Engineering – King Saud University

Proceeding from the fifth strategic objective of the College of Engineering: “Establishing strong ties, and continuous and fruitful collaboration with industrial, services, commercial, governmental and other societal sectors and institutions”, the college, based on its beliefs of the importance of building career relations that contribute to developing community-based partnerships as a basis of building an intellectual community, is currently seeking to strengthen its ties to its alumni, as well as supporting their role in community development, taking advantage of their expertise in developing and advancing the college’s progress, exchanging knowledge and experiences amongst alumni, and offering academic and scientific support in their practical endeavors. To achieve this, the “Alumni and Employment Unit” has been established at the College of Engineering’s Vice Deanship for Development and Quality.
The college is aspired through this unit to create a continuing communication channel with its alumni and strengthen their association to the college and university, as well as contributing to providing diverse career opportunities for them and exhorting them to supporting and assisting in various college and community services.
‍Objectives of the Alumni and Employment Unit
The major objectives of the Alumni and Employment Unit are centered on providing services related to alumni, career services, and graduation projects.

1 – Alumni
• Organizing and sustaining the relation between the College of Engineering and its alumni
• Strengthening communication and consolidating the principle of exchanging opinions and information between both the College of Engineering and its alumni, and amongst alumni
• Strengthening the sense of belongingness among alumni as well as their interaction and contribution in order to develop the College of Engineering
• Building an information database dedicated to alumni and communicating with them
• Assisting the college’s alumni in keeping up with college news through the unit’s Web Site, college leaflet (the Community of College of Engineering), and alumni directory
• Assisting in establishing communication amongst alumni through the electronic forum available on the unit’s Web Site, as well as through inviting them to the annual alumni meeting.
• Establishing communication with alumni through their subscription on the alumni Web Site and updating their data on a regular basis
• Assessing the needs and opinions of the college alumni through electronic surveys completed on the unit’s Web Site

2 – Employment
• Offering various services to the college’s new alumni that would assist in developing their skills and directing them towards available job positions
• Taking advantage of the experience acquired by alumni working in consultancy services in developing college programs and activities, as well as in coping with development plans, job market demands, and employment
• Advertising and regularly updating available job opportunities for alumni via the Web Site
• Developing an information database for companies to facilitate communicating with the college’s alumni and creating accounts for them on the unit’s Web Site
• Assessing the needs and opinions of companies regarding employment through electronic surveys completed on the unit’s Web Site

3 – Graduation Projects
• Assisting in organizing the college’s semester-based competition for distinguished graduation projects
• Assisting in the participation of the college’s distinguished graduation projects in national, regional, and international competitions
• Assisting in evaluating and benchmarking graduation projects with their international counterparts by experts and specialist professors in internationally reputed universities from various engineering disciplines
• Seeking to establish an electronic library for college graduation projects

Members of the Alumni and Employment Unit
• Dr. Majid Altamimi, PhD, Vice Dean for Development & Quality
• Dr. Abdelhamid Ajbar, PhD, Head of Alumni and Employment Unit
• Mr. Musaad Alsowaid, Secretary of Alumni and Employment Unit